How To stop Fuel drain in Engine on Riding Mowers?

When fuel solenoids go bad causing fuel to drain in engine.

Check to see if the engine is over full on oil and gas in the engine .this will make starter drag eventually ruining starter.this is the only thing i can think of other than engine having high compression or valves not opening and the pressure relief valve not working,or engine low on oil SAE 30 WT for summer, SAE5W30 for winter, is also important to keep good oil in engine and full. the solenoids under the carburetor will go bad,and cause flooding, if you have one. make sure you keep battery charged. if it is bad follow these directions ,well it is a simple fix,but a lot to correct problem, parts needed,1 new spark plug,1 new solenoid,1 quart of 30wt oil,1 pan to catch old oil in. tools needed,1 spark plug wrench,1,7/16 or 1/2 or 9/16 open wrench,pen&paper. ok, empty fuel tank or clamp off fuel line,make a drawing as how the wires are connected to the solenoid,white & black wires,unplug wire fittings,remove solenoid, in stall new solenoid,plug wires in. now drain oil & gas out of engine,remove old spark plug,important so follow directions,after oil is drained plug is out crank engine so to clean out cylinder of excess oil & gas,it would be a good ideal to let oil drain for a while. add oil & spark plug,engine will smoke for a while but should clear up.when you go to the parts store you will need engine horse power,engine brand,model number,type number,parts should cost around 50.00. including everything you need,check oil often you can put a inline fuel shutoff in the fuel line about $5.00, or replace solenoids for $40.00.
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