How to Rebuilt Carburetor on TORO S200

Well the old s 200 s620 will not run, ok here we go,,go to the repair shop and buy a carb, kit for the s 200,s620,in that kit you will get a diaphragm,gasket,inlet needle and seat and a round gasket,get a can of carb,cleaner at auto zone,when you get home here is what you have to do, put machine on a work table,remove fuel cap and drain the fuel,remove the top cover, pull the rope out and clamp to where it will not go back in,remove the four screws in bottom cover,pull cover out slightly to pull off vacuum hose,remove choke cable from carb,.now remove the bottom cover and let it hang down on floor,tilt machine up to where you are looking at carb,now remove the four screws on the bottom of carb,remove the cover,if the gasket stays on the carb,you are going to have to peal it off the same if it sticks to the cover,,""be sure and make note to which way the diaphragm and gasket are on,because that have to go back on the same way""remove the inlet needle and seat with a 9/32 socket,be care full not to strip the head,make sure the gasket and spring come out also,before you remove the one or two adjustment screws on side of carb,high and low turn in and count the turns thay will have to be set the same way when put back in and mark which one is which i use a card and mark hi and lo stick on card, now you are ready to clean the carb,using a small wire brush set from harbor freight, spray cleaner in and on the carb and clean with brush until clean,making sure to get the fuel inlet and middle of the carb, the bottom plate should be cleaned also,now to put back together,put in the new inlet needle and seat don't over tighten,put the plate and gasket and diaphragm on and the four screws,put fuel line on,oh it is a good ideal to blow out the fuel line and tank if you have air,install bottom cover hooking up the vacuum and choke,put the screws in cover,it is a good ideal to buy a new spark plug also,RJ18Y,,put fresh mixed fuel in,i mean fresh from the pump and mixed,prime and start, you may have to adjust the carb,a little to get max speed, oh you could get a book on the s200 at the shop,hope this helps.

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