car hard to start when cold?

On carburetor engines , the hard start is  related to choke. But if you notice engine cranking properly and spark plugs are checked ok not worn or dirty, the choke needs to be repaired or adjusted.

On cold mornings your starter motor has to work harder to turn the engine and it often takes longer to turn over at the speed necessary to kick in. Probably nothing to worry about unless you oil is really gummy and due for changing or your spark plugs and wires are old or you battery is wearing down. The battery loses half it's cranking capacity in cold weather. 

On older fuel injected engines, a separate "cold start" injector is used to spray additional fuel into the intake manifold when a cold engine is first started. If this injector is not working, the engine can be hard to start.

If you notice your engine cranks slowly,then in that case your cold start problem is not fuel related.In that case  weak battery, loose or corroded battery cables, or a weak starter needs to be inspected.

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