How to replace Pull Rope On A Homelite Blower?

The details are as follows :----

Pull start rope replacement on homelite 170mph, model HB390 ,,UT08023B classic 30cc,with the pull start on the right side. Remove clamp and front blower tube.remove the six screws holding left side on.You will have to cut the label to be able to separate the half, also put tape on the throttle rod to keep it in place and to keep spring in place.Remove fan by holding and turn nut to the right,remove washer and tube.Remove the four screws holding engine on and remove engine.note there is no reason to remove any thing from engine to do this pull rope installation, Remove screw and metal plate over pull start.Remove the two screws and clips and washer holding down pull start.Lift up pull start and careful of pull spring cup. Remember cup is up and spring is down. Now would be a good time to clean the two halves with soap and water.When putting cup and spring back be sure and get spring clip over the u shaped knob next to the rope outlet.You can buy a new rope in a package or go to the repair shop,size 3 is good.Insert rope through hole in spool and pull through and tie a knot in the end,Put pull start on being sure the bottom slot is on the spring tip.Put the spool screws in and hold down on, now be sure and leave loose to be able to wind rope.Pull the rope up to where it is in the small slot and wind spring in the direction of the arrow or right to left wind until spring is tight or spool stops and back off 1/2 turn.Insert a flat tip screwdriver at the edge of the spool to hold it in place to keep from turning back. Remove the silver tape on the other side over the rope tube. Thread rope through hole than through tube and pull through. be careful that screwdriver doesn't come out.Tie a knot in rope to keep from slipping back and remove screwdriver. You may have to drill out the top hole if the rope is to big. After you get the rope through put metal pate back on over the pull start.Let the rope wind back up and take the slack out and mark and cut and put on pull handle.Pull start should work.Put engine back on with the four screws.Put tape on,you may have to use glue for this.Put impellor on don't forget the tube and big washer,the small one goes under the nut.Put the tape back on,you may have to use glue to keep tape on.Install the left half and don't forget the u shaped clip.Install front tube and clamp.Try starting machine. You have just finished installing a pull rope.

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