This usually happens at the most inopportune time. 

You go out mow the lawn, pull the rope and it comes out in your hand. 

Here's how to fix it yourself.

First, we'll talk about a simple rope replacement. In most cases you will have to remove the blower housing from the engine,remove any plastic outer cover, empty and remove fuel tank lay on the deck,tecumseh engines remove the screw on the oil filler cap,remove the four bolts holding housing on. to get to the underside of the rewind starter where the rope is. We'll assume at this point that the spring is ok and you can just wind it back up again.or you will need a new rope,you can get new rope at most home improvement centers that sell mowers, comes with handle, You can check the spring by turning on the hub in a counter-clockwise direction and see if the spring gains tension. Do not try to remove the spring from its holder or you may end up having to take the mower in for service.
1. Remove the rope from around the hub. Since there is no tension, it should come right out. If you are lucky and it broke near one end, you can probably just re-use it. If it is badly frayed or too short, you will need to find a replacement at a local hardware store.
2. Attach the handle or tie a knot in one end of the rope so it will not wind all the way into the hub. You also may want to burn the rope ends to keep them from fraying and causing a problem in the future. Set the rope aside where you can grab it once you wind up the spring.
3. Wind the hub in a counter-clockwise direction using your thumb to keep it from unwinding, until the spring is tight. Then let it come back slightly so the rope hole in the starter housing lines up with the rope hole in the hub.
4. Stick the rope through both holes while holding the hub from unwinding. This is tricky because you don't want the hub to unwind on you before you have the rope secured in it. A pair of needle nose pliers or a small screwdriver or pick may help get the rope through.
5. Tie a half hitch knot in the rope after you have it through both holes. While holding the rope, release your hold on the hub and let the rope slowly pull itself back into the starter.
6. Put the blower housing back on and your ready to start the engine & mow. hope this helps,don't forget the 4 thumbs up,any comment welcome,thank you. Hello sir, Pull rope installation, place mower on a good work surface, empty the fuel,remove the fuel tank,lay tank on mower deck,remove any plastic outer cover,now remove engine metal cover housing,there should be four bolts or screws in housing,remove old rope,get new rope from your local repair shop you will need 5 ft of # 5 rope,ok remove pull handle from old rope,burn both ends of new rope to prevent fraying,lets install new rope,place housing in your left hand holding against your body turn pulley right to left until stops,back off until holes line up,you might want to put a screwdriver through the cover grates to keep pulley from turning,tie a knot in one end of rope,put other end through holes from the inside out through pulley,pull until tight,now let rope wind up slowly until stops mark where rope stops,pull rope out about half way clamp rope or tie so rope don't go back in,cut rope at mark put handle on untie rope let rope retract.you should be good to go.
Hope this helps.


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