2004 ford freestar van idles rough?

Properly inspect if you  find a leak in the Vacuum hose that goes to the pcv valve right at the elbow that plugs intothe intake?Not on the PCV valve side but on the other end. Also on top of that there is a clip that holds a lever in place ,see properly if that lever is ok or completely gone. 

Those are your IMRC Actuator Rod Clips.

When you get a diagnostic trouble code P2195 and P2197,it does not necessarily mean that a sensor is bad or failed. This codes also means that the computer is not getting the signal, e.g. volts, ohms, amps, that it is programmed to expect. 
There are many possible reasons for these,
It could be a failed sensor, but it could also be a bad connection, a short or an open wire, or the information is correct, e.g. a lean condition caused by a vacuum leak which would cause the oxygen sensor to not "switch" from rich to lean and back as often as is expected. The sensor would stay on lean and trigger the code. The same condition can, and often does, trigger more than one code.
This all has to be checked.

Basically in this types of cases,the problem here is most likely a large vacuum leak causing a lean air mixture. Most common (very common) are the crankcase ventilation hoses to crack or collapse causing a vacuum leak. Also, the air intake tubes crack and cause this problem. The clamps on the air intake tubes must be tight and secured properly to seal correctly. There are 2 of the crankcase ventilation tubes one to each valve cover. Inspect them closely looking for any cracks or holes. Make sure they are on as well. There are also a number of other vacuum hoses that can rip/tear causing vacuum leaks. All vacuum hoses are of little expense to repair. Other possibilities are a leaking intake gasket. These are common to fail as well. Intake gaskets can be a significant expense $300 to $400 depending on shop rates. It is unlikely that the oxygen (O2) sensors are causing this problem. The best way to diagnose this problem is using a smoke machine. This is a machine that releases smoke. By hooking up a smoke machine to the air intake, you can easily pinpoint any vacuum leaks.

This will help.

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