Where is the radiator fan switch located on 2004 Jeep Cherokee

Easieast way to get to fan relay is to remove right headlight and with a holesaw cut a 3 inch hole in the plastic thats behind the headlight

It is not easy you have to take the front bumper off. then the grill & light housing. It is behind the pasanger side headlight. the bumper is not that bad it is only two bolts (just in side the wheel wells) and lots of plastic pop out plugs.

The location is on the passenger side (right side of vehicle).

In the above picture...the light blue sticker is on the fan relay and located under the passenger side plastic reinforcement frame under the headlamp. I took the pic after I drilled thru the assembly with a 3 inch hole saw.







I just replaced mine last night also in about 10-15 minutes. I found it was simple enough to just drill two 1/2" holes about 2" apart above the screws holding the relay. You can touch the relay by reaching through the large hole in the back of the housing so determining where to drill isn't hard. If you miss a little you can egg the holes easily with the drill.

Once the holes were drilled, I used a socket + extension to reach the screws. I reached in from the back and grabbed the upper screw as I removed it. Since I could not reach the lower one, I put a blob of grease into the socket so the screw stuck to it as I pulled it out.

Once the screws were out I fished the relay up through the large hole in the back. To release the connector, pull the red tab back a bit then press on the black release tab back near where the wires attach while gently pulling the relay out.

Reassembly was just the reverse including the grease in the socket.

I didn't bother plugging the holes because that whole area hardly seems waterproof anyway and I doubt a little water would hurt much. Plus the holes I drilled weren't into the gutter part of the plastic. If water is a concern it would be simple enough to dab some sealer in to block 1/2" holes. The other reason I didn't bother is now it's a 5 minute job and $35 part even if it fails again.

One pitfall I ran into: The headlight assembly is held in by the long screw plus 2 press in posts. The lower inside post would not go back into place so when I checked I realized the yellow plastic insert had come out of the housing and was stuck on the post on the back of the headlight. I pulled it off and put it back into the housing and all was well. I notice the guy in the link posted above appears to have the post broken off the headlight and stuck in that same insert so obviously someone forced that one a bit.

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