how to replace the locking pin for ignition on ford F250 4x4 with tilt wheel

Ignition Lock Cylinder


See Figures 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

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Fig. Fig. 1: Drilling out the lock retaining pin

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Fig. Fig. 2: Breaking the cap away from the lock cylinder

Tilt column mechanism


  1. Disconnect the battery ground.
  2. Remove the steering column shrouds.
  3. Using masking tape, tape the gap between the steering wheel hub and the cover casting. Cover the entire circumference of the casting. Cover the seat and floor area with a drop-cloth.
  4. Pull out the hazard switch and tape it in a downward position.
  5. The lock cylinder retaining pin is located on the outside of the steering column cover casting adjacent to the hazard flasher button.
  6. Tilt the steering column to the full up position and pre-punch the lock cylinder retaining pin with a sharp punch.
  7. Using a 1 / 8 in. (3mm) drill bit, mounted in a right angle drive drill adapter, drill out the retaining pin, going no deeper than 1 / 2 in. (13mm).
  8. Tilt the column to the full down position. Place a chisel at the base of the ignition lock cylinder cap and using a hammer break away the cap from the lock cylinder.
  9. Using a 3 / 8 in. (10mm) drill bit, drill down the center of the ignition lock cylinder key slot about 1 3 / 4 in. (44mm), until the lock cylinder breaks loose from the steering column cover casting.
  10. Remove the lock cylinder and the drill shavings.
  11. Remove the steering wheel.
  12. Remove the turn signal lever.
  13. Remove the turn signal switch attaching screws.
  14. Remove the key buzzer attaching screw.
  15. Remove the turn signal switch up and over the end of the column, but don't disconnect the wiring.
  16. Remove the 4 attaching screws from the cover casting and lift the casting over the end of the steering shaft, allowing the turn signal switch to pass through the casting. The removal of the casting cover will expose the upper actuator. Remove the upper actuator.
  17. Remove the drive gear, snapring and washer from the cover casting along with the upper actuator.
  18. Clean all components and replace any that appear damaged or worn.
  19. Installation is the reverse of removal.

If you have a tilt column, the steering wheel MUST be in the full UP position when it is removed.

  1. Remove the floor cover screws at the base of the column.
  2. Remove the steering column shroud by placing the bottom screw in the No.1 position and pulling the shroud up and away from the column.
  3. On automatics, remove the shift indicator cable.
  4. Remove the instrument panel column opening cover.
  5. Remove the bolts securing the column support bracket to the pedal support bracket.
  6. Disconnect the turn signal/hazard warning harness and the ignition switch harness.
  7. Lift the column from the truck.
  8. Remove the column support bracket

To install:
  1. Install the column support bracket making sure that the wiring is outboard of the column. Tighten the nuts to 35 ft. lbs. (47 Nm).
  2. Start the floor cover clamp bolt and press the plate until the clamp flats touch the stops on the column outer tube.
  3. Install the column through the floor opening.
  4. Connect the turn signal/hazard warning and ignition harnesses.
  5. Raise the column and install the 2 support bolts.
  6. Tighten the floor cover bolts to 10 ft. lbs. (13 Nm).
  7. Tighten the support bracket bolts to 25 ft. lbs. (34 Nm).
  8. Tighten the cover plate clamp bolt to 18 ft. lbs. (24 Nm).
  9. Install and adjust the shift indicator cable, on automatics.
  10. Install the instrument panel column opening cover.
  11. Install the column shroud.
  12. Tighten the shroud bottom screw to 15 inch lbs. (1.7 Nm).
  13. Connect the shifter rod(s).
  14. Connect the intermediate shaft. Tighten the bolt to 50 ft. lbs. (68 Nm).

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