Seat belt stuck in back position on bmw?

This rear passenger side seat that is stuck. It is stuck so bad the seat belt rides up on the lower leather seat. So this morning I had some time I went at it. First thing is to take the nut out that is behind this oval cover. You will see this when you flip the seat down. Then you can pull the seat belt assembly off the rear seat. This is tough since if never taken out for 10 years may not want to budge. But alittle bit of wiggling and if you put a screw driver where you took the bolt off you can pry the unit up. Ok after you take the seat belt assembly off the first thing I did wrong since I had no idea what I was doing was there are two sides with covers. There is one side that is all black. Then there is another side with some yellow plastics. Both with black covers. The one that is all black cover and inards has the spring. You open this cover and the spring pops out and contorts like you would not believe so dont do this. It is very hard to get this back the way it was. Instead pry off the black cover where you see some yellow plastic. There you will see an interesting yellow cover with a metal ball on the bottom. Now I dont know how it is when you pry off this yellow cover with the spring fully loaded so it might be better to hold onto the belt before doing this. Take the yellow cover off. You will then see these gear thing in the middle that holds the locking mechanism. The easiest way is the remove the middle thing and you can unlock the gear. Then you can retract your belt slowly. My issue was the top plastic knob came off so the belt retracted too far in. The poor mans way that I thought of was just using a button and sow it where the plastic button was. Put everything together and whola - working seat belt. Hopes this helps all that have stuck seat belts.

this metal bearing is somehow my problem, with this popped out of the bottom of the yellow cover i can press the red button down and my belt will release. with it in it will not, the top part of the bearing housing has a catch that rubs the wheel mechanism inside the yellow cover but even when i hold the lever back the seal will not release, it has to come out. right now it is out of my mechanism and seat is functioning normally & put back together.

yes, i tested the belt to see if a quick pull still locked it, it does.

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