no dash lights and tail lights on monte carlo?

IN most of the cases its faulty headlight switch or turn signal switch, that causes the problem.So removing and bypassing the switch helps.---------------
This are some solutions, which this other userr\s got this same problem solved:----

I had the same problem with my 2001 Monte Carlo. I found out that the ambiant light sensor up on the dash by the windshield can go haywire with too much sunlight. I started to cover it up when the car is parked, and sure enough, after a few days, my dashboard lights started to work again when I pull the headlight switch. I continue to keep it covered when I'm not driving and no longer have any problems.


I have just replaced my light switch in my 2001 Monte Carlo . and it did solve the dash lights dimming and radio and overhead display.There were signs of over heating on the power plug.The switch cost was $133.00 at Autozone. All the lights are fine now.The repair took about 21/2 hours.

I had the same problem in mine. Ended up being the headlight switch w/ knob for interior dimmers. When I removed my switch there was visible signs of overheating at the connections on the backside. Bought a replacement online and it works fine now.

fuse in under hood fuse box park lamp fuse goes to the head lamp switch orange wire terminal o check for 12 volts there if you have 12 volts turn the lights on and check the brown wire on terminal r of the switch for 12 volts if volts in but not out its the switch if you have volts out we need to trace down a wiring problem
Check the fuse in the fuse block on the right side of the dash first. If its blown, replace it.
Under the hood on the driver's side, there is a fuse block. You'll need to remove the brace that goes over top of it. There is a fuse in there for the running lights. These fuse blocks have been known to corrode due to moisture. Pull the fuse and check it. If its blown, replace it. If its not blown, remove the nuts securing the fuse block and look on the underside to check for corrosion. Usually the ABS becomes inoperable also when this corrosion occurs.
If you have (or can borrow) a 12v test light or a multimeter you can check the circuit at the tail light plug yourself. That way you will know whether or not you are getting power to the bulbs. Attach the negative probe of the test light/meter to ground. Pull the head light switch out to either the running light or headlight position. Touch the positive probe of the test light/meter to each of the contacts in the bulb socket. One of them should make the test light illuminate or the meter should show a reading/beep. If it does then the circuit is fine and you just need to replace the bulbs. If it doesn't then the head light switch, relays and wiring will need to be checked out.

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