layer of ice on the bottom of the freezer on Maytag botton freezer

If you are seeing an ice sheet at the bottom of the freezer, your drain is blocked. When the unit goes into defrost, the moisture will fall into a drain that runs under the unit to a pan where it evaporates. If the drain becomes blocked, each time the unit defrosts, it adds a layer of ice. I have seen them several inches thick. Pull out the bottom bins in the freezer and look for some screws that hold the rear panel in place. Take them out and pull the panel out of the freezer section. At the bottom of all the ice you will find a small drain hole. It may take a hair dryer and/or some warm water to melt your way through, but get it all melted away (you will fill up the drain under the unit and it will start to overflow so have towels handy) and make sure water is running down the drain. When it is all cleared out, you should be ok, but check it again in about 12 hours and see if you have any buildup.

On your maytag refrigerator ,Take the back side off, which is located in the interior part of the freezer. When you get in there, there are coils, and under the coils is the drain that is supposibly clogged.Defrost that hole with hair dryer an warn water.Water should not be over hot, otherwise plastic parts will get melted.A basic Luke warm water.Unplug the refrigerator from power outlet, while doing this.---------

Once you take the panel off the back of the freezer cabin, you will see that there is a lot of ice both on and under the thin metal "funnel" to the drain. There will be some gunk in there too.You needed to slowly and carefully clear all that ice formed and dirt.------

Getting this drain hole cleaned will help.But if its again n again getting collected then its defrost problem.The defrost board needs to be replaced.-----------

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