left side trailer plug has no power on Dodge SLT

My 06 Dodge SLT did the same, traced it up to fuse box. Integrated relay in fuse box burn up. Solution new $575 fuse box plus labor. checking into putting in-line fuse before trailer plug, that it won't burn up fuse box.

I have a
06 Dodge SLTwith the same problem- no left turn signal or brake light for the trailer tow package. Since I needed it to work for a camping trip I first replaced the 7 blade plug on my vehicle which did absolutely no good. I came to the conclusion that it is the Trailer Tow Left Turn Relay which is bad and there isnt an easy way to replace it. What I did to "Fix" the problem was tapped into the left turn signal on the vehicle and ran a jumper to the left turn signal on the 7 blade plug. Still didn't have a brake light so I got a diode soldered onto another jumper and ran another wire from the vehicle left brake light to the 7 blade plug left turn signal output wire. Wrapped everything with electrical tape and it seems to work. Very disappointed with Dodge for NOT making this easy and inexpensive to replace item.

I have the same problem. Trailer connection from truck does not have power to left turn signal and left brake light. I just got back from the dealership and $100.00 labor charge. My problem is the TIPM (Fuse Box for short) and FCM (little silver module hooked to the Fuse Box on the left hand side of the fuse box). $910.00 for the parts and Chrysler doesn't have any in stock. 4-6 weeks to maybe fill a back order.
I have just purchased a 2006 dodge 1500 Ram From the States thru a local
dealership here in Canada. When I hooked up my trailer, I realised I had no
rear left signal light and no LH brake light. I took the truck into my
mechanic and he said that there is no power coming to the left side from the
Truck and suggested I take it into the local Dodge dealership as he did not
have the electrical scematics to source the problem. As a Truck from the
states, there is no Factory warranty coverage. Before I fall back on my
Extended Warranty coverage I took out, is there any body that has had the
same problem and could suggest a "quick fix".

The problem was solved. There is plug in module called a TIPM or Totally
power module that controls a lot of the electrical circuits for the
truck---one being the trailer
circuit that had failed. There was a short in the power module and it had
to be replaced
$750.00 later.---no quick fix. Thank god for warranty!!!


each side has a relay. These relays are incorporated into the fuse box and are not replaceable. The fact that you can hear one click but not the other leads you have a relay failure and the fix would be to replace the fuse box.

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