c41 error on Gsx1400

The indicator relay is partnered with the side stand relay in a black box combo next to the fuse box and above the fuel pump relay .Check all the relays.

It can be faulty fuel pump relay or problem with fuel pressure regulator.But if fuel pump relay is already replaced, then it needs bit of testing to confirm the problem.-------

With the key on the relay orange/white
should have steady battery power.
The ground circuit goes to
the ECM or control module.

The ECM decides when to turn
the relay on and off depending
on the messages it gets from
various sensors.

When the ECM gets a message from
the cam and crank sensors
that the engine is turning
it keeps the pump relay grounded
and fuel pump on.

If the engine is stopped it
switches the relays ground off.

The tip over sensor can also
stop the fuel relay and pump
when running and tipped over.

So a malfunction on these sensors,
a loose wire or connector
on the positive or negative wire,
or a faulty ECM could make the
relay act up.

See if the power supply is steady
to the relay (orange/white)
Then check the wiring from relay to the
ECM (yellow/black?) Then check the connector
at the relay and at the ECM for corrosion
or loose.

You can try grounding the relays yellow/black
and see if the clicking stops.
This will tell you if the ECM or sensors
are the culprits or if it is the relay still.

Then you have to move on to
replacing sensors and ECM.

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