how to replace map sensor on 2003 Chevrolet TRAILBLAZER?

the map sensor is mounted on the top of intake towards the fire wall.


Disconnect the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor electrical connector.


  • Press the retainer locking tabs inward, then pull the retainer (1) up to remove it.
  • Remove the MAP sensor (2).
  • Inspect the MAP sensor seal for damage, and replace as necessary.
  • Remove the air intake duct.
  • Caution: Turn OFF the ignition before inserting fingers into the throttle bore. Unexpected movement of the throttle blade could cause personal injury.

    Notice: Do not insert any tools into the throttle body bore in order to avoid damage to the throttle valve plate.

  • Inspect the throttle body bore and the throttle valve plate for deposits. You will need to open the throttle valve in order to inspect all surfaces.
  • Notice: Do not use any solvent that contains Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK). This solvent may damage fuel system components.

  • Clean the throttle body bore and the throttle valve plate using a clean shop towel with GM top engine cleaner, GM P/N(NNN) NNN-NNNN(Canadian P/N 993026) or AC-Delco Carburetor Tune-Up Conditioner, P/N X66-P, or an equivalent product.
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  • Loosen the air cleaner outlet duct and air cleaner outlet resonator clamps (2).
  • Disconnect the electrical connector from the intake air temperature (IAT) sensor (1) .
  • Disconnect the air cleaner outlet duct from the air cleaner outlet resonator.
  • Disconnect the fuel pressure regulator vacuum supply from the air cleaner outlet resonator.
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  • Remove the two air cleaner outlet resonator to engine bolts (4).
  • Disconnect the crankcase ventilation hose (1) from the valve cover port (2).
  • Remove the air cleaner outlet resonator assembly (5) from the engine.

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