How to replace front parking light bulb on 2004 Toyota Rav4?

Here's what I did:
I went in from below. That is, I went to the wheel well, in front of the tire, where the plastic of the wheelhouse meets the metal of the fender. Force your hand in between there (not sure if I had to remove a screw or bolt), then reach up and grip the sucker. Twist counter-clockwise to unscrew the bulb socket. It has enough wire to lower down to where you can undo the bulb easily enough.

The front parking lights on the Toyota RAV4 burn out and occasionally need to be replaced.------------

  • Open the hood of your RAV4 for access to the engine compartment. Locate the parking light, which is located next to the headlight.

  • Unscrew the socket out of the back of the light assembly with a set of needle nose pliers. The socket is located at the end of the wiring harness, leading into the parking light assembly.

  • Pull the old bulb straight out of the socket by hand. Push the new bulb into the socket until it stops.

  • Screw the connector back into the headlight assembly with needle nose pliers. Screw the light clockwise to lock it in place.

  • Turn on the parking light to ensure the new bulb is installed correctly. Close the hood once the bulb is installed.


    Also for more help:---

  • to Change the Headlight Bulbs for a Toyota RAV4

    The Rav4 uses H4 headlight bulbs, and when the headlight burn out, you'll need to replace them. Replacement H4 bulbs can be purchased from most auto parts stores.

  • Open the hood and unplug the power connector running to the back of the headlight housing assembly.

  • Pull the Rubber O-ring off of the back of the Rav4's headlight housing.

  • Pull the retaining clip off from the back of the headlight with your fingers.

  • Pry the headlight bulb out of the headlight housing.

  • Insert a replacement headlight and replace the retaining clip to hold the headlight in place. The rest of the installation is the reverse of removal.

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