HOW to REPLACE FRONT CLEARANCE marker light on Toyota RAV4

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I had the same question. Because it is so difficult to get to the running light bulb connector, I first tried to take out the whole headlight assembly. That was a mistake and way too difficult. I just decided to deal with the cramped space to get to the bulb. I suspected the bulb connector was a twist out unit, but I couldn/t turn it with my fingers, which is about all I could get into that space. Finally I tried a small pair of needle nose pliers and turned the connector counter clockwise (as looking at it from the drivers seat and it came loose. Once the connect was loose, it pulls straight back and the bulb is one of the spade type bulb that just plugs into the connector. Once replaced with a new bulb and the connector repositioned back into the headlight assembly, I still couldn't turn the connector by finger to lock it into place. So had to use the pliers again and was finished with that job.

I went underneath t the fender- there is a cover which has a few pins that will pop out. It was easy to get to once these pins were removed and the cover will allow you to reach in and grab the light. It turns counterclockwise as described above. The pins can be reused and will pop back in when replacing. Just be careful when removing.

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Hi, not sure if this is the same light you were asking about. But I recently purchased brighter (Amber colored) parking light bulbs for my 2004 Rav4. And had quit a hard time getting the plug and cylinder out of such a tight area. Bruised up my hands and arms up pretty good, not to mention, the ends of my thumbs and index fingers, suffering in numbing pain. After about an hour and 45 minutes I got both bulbs replaced and back in place. I jiggled, pushed in and pulled, forcing them counter clock wise to come out. Standing infront of the Rav, facing the windshield, I stuck in my left arm and hand in and around the drivers side headlamp and turned the plug/cylinder to the right and down (which, if you were standing along side the drivers side finder and turning it with right hand, would be counter-clock wise). Remember, lefty-loosey, righty-tighty. Turn both the drivers side and passenger side lights counter-clock wise. If you press down on the tab, located on the top part of the plug, where the wires go into the the plug, you end up pulling out the plug and the cylinder stays in place, still located within the lamp. It was very hard to get out. I took my car to the Toyota dealer, where they only do minor services, like oil changes, wiper blade changes, etc., they couldn't get the bulbs out for me. They said I should take it to the Toyota Service Dealer/Mechanics and see if they had a tool to get it out with but I decided to try it myself. It was just as hard to put the lights back into the lamp. Hard getting it to turn back to the right and straighten out as it looked before I attempted pulling them out, in the beginning. Hope this helps, and good luck. I just had to force my hand into the cramp tight area to the side of the headlamp and fender area and get a pinch grip around the plug and jiggle, push, pull and twist..


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Did my left front side marker light today and had to take off the tire and remove half of the plastic wheel well cover to get to the light. Then the light socket was a pain to remove. It took an hour of work BUT I finally did it.
The owners manual will give an explanation on how to remove the plastic wheel well in the fog light (which I don't have) bulb replacement part.

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This is how i replaced the side marker light bulb attached to the headlight housing on a 200 Rav4

Do not attempt to remove the housing. Attack from the underside.

Turn the wheel so that it points out. Pull back the thin black covering in the wheelwell part way. This is done by starting at the front of the car and part way up the wheelwell. You will need to remove two screws and one black snap button. (If the button breaks, you can get them at the dealership for pennies.) You should now have access to the bulb socket.

Entire process should take approximately 10 minutes.

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Read my procedure, its simple:--
The Toyota RAV4 is a small SUV with side markers inside the vehicle headlight assembly. Removing the assembly is not necessary to replace the side marker bulb. On the RAV4, you can simply reach behind the headlight assembly to access the bulb and the holder.

  • Open the RAV4 hood. Turn the engine off.

  • Inspect the windshield washer fluid nozzle in the front, right corner of the engine compartment. You'll see a small clip on the rear edge. Removing it is necessary to replace the side marker on the driver's side. If you are replacing the passenger's side side marker, it's not necessary.

  • Pull the clip up, to remove it. Grasp the nozzle, and push it backward. This gives you plenty of room to reach your hand behind the headlight assembly, to replace the side marker.

  • Turn the base of the side marker bulb counterclockwise, to remove it from the assembly. The side marker bulb is the outside bulb in the assembly.

  • Pull the side marker bulb from the base, carefully. Grab the new side marker bulb, and insert it into the base. Don't twist it. Insert the bulb base back into the assembly. Turn it clockwise.

  • Move the windshield washer nozzle back to the original position, if necessary. Insert the clip back into the hole. The center of the push pin clip will be raised. Tap it down with a small screwdriver to secure the clip.



  • How to replace front parking light bulb on 2004 Toyota Rav4?

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