gauges not working on pontiac Fiero

A lot of people like to bash the Fiero. Don't listen to them. First off, you didn't say if you had the 4 cylinder or the v6. As far as the temp gauge not working, try replacing the coolant temp sensor. There are two of them, one is for the ecm, and the other is for the gauge. You will want to replace the one for the gauge. Now about the tach not working. There are some differences in the 4 cylinder and the v6 as far as where the signal comes from and how it's interpreted. You might try replacing the tach filter first and see if that helps your situation.
If the speed gauge works then it has to be the sensors or connection under the hood... If no gauge is working at all then the gauge cluster may be shot or loose. Take it out and check the connection behind the cluster.In some cases cluster board needs to be repaired, it can be repaired by local auto parts store.Some auto parts deal with cluster board repairing.But if the short is major, then it cannot be repaired.
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