Theft control light will not turn ON 2008 Ford F 450 Super Duty

Check part number #4 and #5 in the picturegraphic


there is the problem, that truck is equipped with anti-theft, its in lock down, #5 is the key transponder and #4 is the harness connector, there is no way for the PCM to read the chip key, the coloum harness/connector and transponder will have to be replaced before the truck will start, there is no way to bypass this.


Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) Transceiver:;-

ItemPart NumberDescription
13F609Tilt steering wheel lock lever and screw
2W710485-SSteering column shroud screws (3 required)
33533Lower steering column shroud
4-Passive anti-theft system (PATS) transceiver electrical connector (part of 14401)
515607PATS transceiver

Removal and Installation

  1. Remove the tilt steering wheel lock lever and screw (if equipped).
  1. Remove the 3 screws and the lower steering column shroud.
  1. Disconnect the passive anti-theft system (PATS) transceiver electrical connector.
  1. Unclip the 2 tabs and remove the PATS transceiver.
  1. NOTE: Replacement of the PATS transceiver does not require the PATS keys to be programmed into the instrument cluster (IC) again.

    To install, reverse the removal procedure.

PATS Function

NOTE: If the IC or the PCM (or both) is being replaced, the parameters must be reset in both modules or the vehicle will experience a PATS no-start. This will occur even if the vehicle is not equipped with PATS. PATS vehicles and non-PATS vehicles have parameters in the IC and the PCM and they must be reset whenever either (or both) module(s) is (are) replaced.

The PATS function is controlled by the IC. The PATS uses the IC to carry out all of the PATS functions such as receiving the identification code from the PATS key, issuing a signal to the PCM to control the starter and fuel injectors enable, and initiates the key interrogation sequence when the ignition key is turned to the ON or START position. Because of the interaction between the IC and the PCM, there are parameters that must be reset if the IC or the PCM (or both) is replaced. If the IC must be replaced for any reason (PATS concerns or IC concerns), the PATS keys also must be programmed into the new IC. All elements of PATS must be functional before the vehicle will start. If any of the components are not working correctly, the vehicle will not start.

PATS is active only for a few seconds when the vehicle is starting. It is not a PATS concern if the vehicle stalls after it has been running for a minimum of 3 seconds. PATS will not disable a running vehicle.

PATS may cause a vehicle no start due to either the fuel injectors not operating or the starter not operating (starter relay does not close) or both. Always check for PATS DTCs from the IC and the PCM when a no-crank or no-start condition exists. A low state of charge (SOC) in the vehicle battery may cause the PATS to allow starter operation, but prevent the fuel injectors from operating. If the theft light does not prove out (it may be either flashing or glowing steadily) and one (or both) of the previous conditions (fuel injectors and/or starter inoperative) are present, it may be due to a PATS issue. If the theft light proves out, it may not be a PATS issue. If the theft light does not illuminate at all, it may be an IC issue.

Ask your local ford dealer to check the IC controlling the theft system.That is faulty.If the computer is not the issue.---------

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  1. Good afternoon, very interesting,is the information for the 2008 f550 ?