Constant Beep on Kenmore Oasis washer?

If you own a Kenmore Oasis washer that has an audible beep that occurs randomly, or remains constant, whether or not the appliance is in use, the following information explains what causes the problem and how to correct it.

This is a common and very well known problem with the Oasis that commonly occurs due to a failed or shorted relay on the operator/user interface board inside the control panel. These boards are not serviceable and usually requires you to replace the operator/user interface to correct the problem. The board is located directly behind the control knob. You can usually order the part at any of the following websites:


Just type in your model number and look under the "Control Panel Parts" heading. All these sites are reputable and offer great service with competitive pricing. The first three sites I listed also inlcude helpful exploded view parts diagrams to assist you in locating and properly identifying the parts you need.

If you do not find your model number listed at some of the websites, use the part number you obtain from the Sears website and do a Search by Part Number at the other sites. Sometimes the model number may not be listed, but the parts are still listed. Sears tends to have a more extensive data base of model numbers, but may not always have the better price.

To replace the user interface board, follow these steps:

1. Unplug the washer.

2. Locate and remove the retaining screws in the back of the control panel. With the screws removed, the control panel will lift from the back first, then off. NOTE: Be careful when lifting the panel, there is a small interface cable plugged into the control board.

3. Remove the interface connector and pull the control knob off.

4. Lay entire panel face down on a soft surface (such as some folded towels).

5. Remove the user interface cover (this is item 10 if you use the drawings in the Sears website).

6. With the cover removed, take a small flat blade screwdriver and pry back the tabs that hold the board in place. There will be several around the entire perimeter of the board.

7. Once the old board is removed, carefully insert the new control board making sure you don't put it in upside down. Mark the location of the interface connector plug as a reference. NOTE: Do not handle the surface area of the board with your hands. This can cause damage from electro-static discharge to small components of the board and render it unusable. Hold the board by the edges only.

8. Reinsert the interface cover and flip the control panel over to its upright position.

9. Reinstall the control knob and make sure you plug the interface connector back in.

10. Reinstall control panel by inserting the front edge of the panel into the grooves on the washer top casing and lower it back. Tighten all mounting screws.

This is a pretty simple repair job. The hardest part you may encounter is removing the old board. The small tabs can be difficult to bend sometimes. Also, use care not to apply too much pressure on the new board when you install it. They can be difficult to snap back into place at times. Just take your time.

If you have questions about this repair, please let me know. I hope this information is found to be helpful.

HELPFUL HINT: You may try unplugging the washer and remove the control panel and try cleaning the interface connector to see if this helps BEFORE you order parts. Sometimes it helps.


You can get required parts from sears part direct online site or from repairclinic.com site.


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