Mitsubishi will not start

Replaced all possible parts,but still the vehicle will not start.

Its a Mitsubishi eclipse GST 1998 Year model vehicle.

The parts replaced are starter,the IAc valve,the Battery,Fuel filter and Fuel pump.

Timing belt and Heater core were replaced last year.

First of all i will say, never ever replace any part in car,without confirming the problem.

First diagnose the problem,then confirm the problem then replace the parts.

On some cases high factory scantool are required,where basic troubleshooting is not helping.

The Starter starts but engine will not start


If you pull a plug wire and a spark plug and crank the engine with the spark plug grounded, does the plug spark?

There are in total 4 sparks plugs on these vehicle.Check spark on spark plugs.
You should get spark on all plugs.

If two spark plugs are having spark and other two are not having then it is issue with timing belt.

The purpose of the checking for spark on the plugs is to determine what is preventing the engine from running. identifying that you have two cylinders that are not firing..... the reason we go through these procedures is to determine what is wrong so we don't buy things we don't need.

Have you verified your belt timing? If the belt timing is incorrect it will kill the spark on two cylinders.

Now if you have spark on two cylinders. This can only mean a handful of things.

Incorrect belt timing
Faulty Cam or Crank sensors
Faulty coil
Faulty Igniter
Faulty computer.

If the vehicle is running sometimes and not othertime,then the belt timing probably isn't it, but would be the next thing to check.
From there the cam and crank sensors via oscilloscope to make sure they have good and clean waveforms.
With those checked out, then you would need to check signal from the igniter to the coils (if present on both, the coil is bad). If there is only one signal from the igniter, you would check signal from the computer (if both present, the igniter is bad). If the belt timing is correct, the sensors check out OK and you only have one driver working from the computer, the computer is bad.The Engine control module controls all electrical working of vehicle.If all other possibilities checked ok,then Engine module / computer needs to be inspected and replaced.

It will not likely go that far though; more than likely you will find a sensor at fault or a failing coil or igniter.
Have the vehicle checked out by your mechanic testing the items I listed in the order and it should deliver you right to your problem.However going further requires some special tools outside the scope of this medium. This is why I provided you with exact steps to determine what is wrong so you can have it checked out by someone with a full scan tool and oscilloscope.

These details will help.

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