How to change Alternator on Peugeot

Peugeot 1.4 Alternator replacing and Alternator belt removal procedure:

For alternator belt,its not easy task.You need a special tool to tension the belt and release the belt tension.

On some alternator there is manual adjuster and on some there is auto belt adjusting tenstioner.
Some alternators have an adjuster on the bracket - on the bottom that you have to adjust - its like a small bushing to enable you to get the alternator on correctly.

The alternator belt  can be tensioned in 2 ways,
First it has belt tensioner which you have to use a 15mm spanner to release the tension, or some engines use what is called a stretch belt, by this i mean there will be no tensioner on that engine models.
Now to perform these task  there is a special tool to remove and install the belt,which i have mentioned earlier.
It is very hard to adjust accurate belt tension without this tool, it can be done by putting the belt on and turning the engine over using the crankshaft pulley bolt.But that is not very easy.The crankshaft timing setting can get misaligned by these way,if you are not that professional and experienced.

In case of mounting the alternator,

It depends on what type of tensioner you have, ie, manual or auto.
So suppose if its a manual - you simply tighten the tensioner until the belt is tight .

And now in case of auto belt adjuster, its a case of using a spanner on the center nut of the tensioner- apply pressure (hard ) so that the tensioner moves away from the belt - be careful so as not to let go as its under a lot of pressure - and fit the belt... then slowly allow the belt tensioner to come back onto the belt to tension it correctly.

These will fit the belt.

Alternator drive belt routing/fitting diagram


The tensioner is marked with T in the diagram shown below:----

drive belt routing

To remove the alternator the procedure is as follows:-----

-First disconnect battery cable (make sure you have the radio code, if radio is fitted with antitheft).

Remove :

  • The RH front road wheel
  • The mud shield
  • Then the tensionner's release bolt
  • Then slacken the tensionner,then remove the belt
  • After that unclamp the coolant expansion tank and move aside
  • Without forget remove the alternator's electrical connectors
  • Once the connectors are out,remove the alternator's rear mountings
  • Now these will let you lift the remove the alternator out.
  • Refit in reverse order.For installing new alternator.
Once the mounts are removed, the alternator can be removed towards the wheel, through the mudshield location.

These details will help.

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