2004 Highlander cigarette lighter fuse

Location of cigarette lighter fuse on Toyota Highlander

For toyota  Highlander there are  two fuse boxes one under dash and other is underhood in the engine compartment.

the cig lighter fuse is located in dash fuse panel.
Fuse box is exactly behind the pocket door.There is a small Door on the left side that Pulls open on the driver sided about knee level.
Open the Door and Pull the pocket door up and you will have access to the fuses behind it.

The cig lighter fuse is  15 amp fuse # number 23 or the 15 amp fuse on the left sided 2nd down .
If your vehicle have two cig lighter units,like most highlanders have then Be sure the check the other 15amp fuse which is below that. That is for the Other cigarette type plug on the passenger side.
If the fuses are not blown,then check voltage at fuse slot with vehicle ON.You should get 12 volt there.These confirms that fuse or fuse slot is not the issue for cig lighter problem and cig lighter wiring from fuse slot to lighter is actual issue or its faulty cigarette lighter itself.

These details will help.

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