2007 Ford Expedition: How to shift car in neutral with Dead Battery

With dead battery is is possible to shift vehicle in neutral.

Yes its possible,the details are as follows :----

First make sure your key is turned On (even though the battery is dead)

Insert the key in ignition and turn it ON.
Now all depends on which shifter your vehicles has floor shifter or column shifter.
I will mention procedure for both shifter.

Floor Shifter:---

There will be a small cover on the upper right corner of the shift panel. Remove this cover with a pick and use the pick or similar tool to push the button below it and hold it while you shift out of Park:
See the image below showing its detail:---
Shifter ford
Floor shifter

Column Shifter:---

On the column shifter, you will have a similar panel on the column cover to remove, and underneath will be a button to slide to release the interlock. Slide the button over and hold it while moving the shifter out of Park:
See the image shown below showing its detail:---
Ford gear shift

Also view these:---
shifting in neutral
The arrow pointing the lock to be disengaged

These details will help.

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