Jeep Grand Cherokee Fuel Rail Replacing

How to replace Fuel Rail

The procedure to help get
Fuel Rail (Supply Manifold) & Injectors

Replaced on  Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, 1999 to 2005

The procedure is absolutely same for all these year car models:-----

  • The fuel system is under constant fuel pressure even with engine off. This pressure must be released before servicing fuel rail.

  • The fuel damper is not serviced separately.
See below Fuel rail Image 

jeep fuel rail

The removal/replacing procedure starts here:-----

  1. Remove fuel tank filler tube cap.
  2. Perform Fuel System Pressure Release Procedure.
  3. Disconnect negative battery cable from battery.
  4. Remove air tube at top of throttle body. 
  5. NOTE
  6. Some engine/vehicles may require removal of air cleaner ducts at throttle body.

  7. Disconnect electrical connectors at all 6 fuel injectors. Push red colored slider away from injector. While pushing slider, depress tab and remove connector from injector. The factory fuel injection wiring harness is numerically tagged (INJ 1, INJ 2, etc.) for injector position identification. If harness is not tagged, note wiring location before removal.
  8. Disconnect fuel supply line latch clip and fuel line at fuel rail.
  9. Disconnect throttle cable at throttle body.
  10. Disconnect speed control cable at throttle body (if equipped).
  11. Disconnect automatic transmission cable at throttle body (if equipped).
  12. Remove cable routing bracket at intake manifold.
  13. If equipped, remove wiring harnesses at injection rail studs by removing nuts.
  14. Clean dirt/debris from each fuel injector at intake manifold.
  15. Remove fuel rail mounting nuts/bolts.
  16. Remove fuel rail by gently rocking until all the fuel injectors are out of intake manifold.

To install:

  1. Clean each injector bore at intake manifold.
  2. Apply a small amount of clean engine oil to each injector O-ring. This will aid in installation.
  3. Position tips of all fuel injectors into the corresponding injector bore in intake manifold. Seat injectors into manifold.
  4. Install and tighten fuel rail mounting bolts to 100 +/- 25 inch lbs. (11 +/- 3 Nm).
  5. If equipped, connect wiring harnesses to injection rail studs.
  6. Connect electrical connectors at all fuel injectors. Push connector onto injector and then push and lock red colored slider. Verify connector is locked to injector by lightly tugging on connector.
  7. Connect fuel line and fuel line latch clip to fuel rail.
  8. Install protective cap to pressure test port fitting (if equipped).
  9. Install cable routing bracket to intake manifold.
  10. Connect throttle cable at throttle body.
  11. Connect speed control cable at throttle body (if equipped).
  12. Connect automatic transmission cable at throttle body (if equipped).
  13. Install air tube (or duct) at top of throttle body.
  14. Install fuel tank cap.
  15. Connect negative battery cable to battery.
  16. Start engine and check for fuel leaks.

These details will help.

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