overhead computer display not working on 2003 Ford Excursion?

The usual problem is loose resistors on the board. There have been several threads about the fix and I've done it myself. Usually when you take the unit down from the roof you can drop a resistor.

The problem is with the resistors on the dispaly board!

i just took the console out and removed the display.
after opening up the display housing and checking out the display board
thru a mircoscope was I able to see the faulty resistors.
resolder them back into place, they where opened! one end of the resistor
was desolder off the pad!
that sucker must get real HOT!

display works fine now!

Had the overhead go out on the DRW a while back. You really have to pull down hard to get the trim loose.

I took mine apart and found a few loose connectors are whatever there called.

Ended up buying a new one off Ebay for $165 shipped. Kept the old one and when another one goes out may first try to have the old one fixed.

Sounds like if you know what your doing it's a fairly straight foward fix.


Is there a ground at terminal 1 and power at terminal 7 ?

Where would I find term 1 and term 7?

that would be on the display, you need to remove the panel from the roof and measure for voltage across those 2 terminals, if it has 12 volts there, the display is no good.

You have to pull down the overhead console (the front section that has the display in it). The module is mounted inside the front part of the console (it is all intergrated and the display is a part of the module board.)


Overhead Console — Excursion PDF with diagrams:---
Click this link below:---

If you need to get your over head console repaired, then this is the online site , which deals with console repairing:---
Click the link

If you need overhead console wiring diagram:---

See below:---

Here are your fuse diagrams, fuse number F2-27,15 AMP FUSE IS FOR OVERHEAD CONSOLE:----

Here are your fuse diagrams




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