INFINITI I35 keeps pinging?

For pinging problem BG44K is the way to go. The I35 takes premium gas. A friend of mine did not know about this and was using regular gas for a while and got into this engine pinging stuff.

The service advisor at the local infiniti dealer after learning about the pinging & regular gas usage suggested a BG44K flush.
That took care of it.

Its a can you can buy, but not from all over town. Most infiniti dealers do stock them. I buy mine from a local service station. Pour a can into the tank once every 6000 miles (even though i use premium gas).

Last time I found some on ebay for 2 for $30 (BIN) + 5 shipping. Put one can in each of my cars.

I took the car to the dealership on 11/28/2006 and on the work order it states:

Customer complaint: Hears a loud pinging noise as it takes off; worse going uphill. Ticking sound. Report on issue. Scan for codes.

Tech response: Verified condition detonation under heavy load condition can be caused by low octane fuel or excessive carbon build up.

I have gone through 2 bottles of BG-44K and one bottle of Techron. I also have put in 100 Octane GT Racing Fuel at $6 a gallon into this car and that fixes the pinging. However, once I go back to 91 octane it continues to ping again. I only use premium gas in my car and I'm currently using Shell's V-Power. I wish I could use the 100 octane racing fuel all the time but at $6 a gallon it is hellishly expensive. It's a shame too! I got almost 500 miles to the tank with the 100 octane racing fuel!

If you have tried all above then MAF sensor and EGR valve needs to be inspected and replaced.
In most cases if this MAF and EGR goes faulty then you get check engine light on ash.But sometimes this MAF ans EGR goes dirty or weak , and no check engine light comes.But getting this cleaned helps.

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