how to troubleshoot an "Fdl" error code on washing machine?

This advice is for how to troubleshoot an "Fdl" error code on Whirlpool Duet and Kenmore Elite series FRONT LOADER washers.

"Fdl" is a lock latch error code. This is an indication of either a defective door latch, defective Central Control Unit (CCU), or an interconnecting cable problem between the two.

The CCU is the main computer for the washer. It controls nearly every function, including the action of the door latch. It is located in the top center of the washer directly behind the wash tub.

It is recommended that you refer to the technical data sheet that comes with your washer in determining how to isolate the source of the problem. The tech sheet is located inside the washer behind the lower toe panel. To access, locate and remove the screws that hold the panel in place under the bottom front edge of the washer. You may have to prop the two front feet of the washer up for better access (a 2x4 works well for this). With the screws removed, the panel will drop down and come off. The tech sheet will either be located directly behind the panel, or affixed to one of the interior cabinet walls. Included are all diagnostics procedures, troubleshooting data, error code explanations and wiring diagrams. Refer to the tech sheet and follow these steps:

1. Remove the washer TOP panel of the washer by removing the screws that hold the panel in place in the rear of the washer. With the screws removed, the panel will slide back then lift off.

2. Locate the interconencting wiring that runs between the door latch and CCU. Check for loose connections or possible broken wires. Then, take each connector, unplug and reseat one at a time. This can often restore a connection that may have oxidized oer time, or might have been loose.

3. Perform an operational test to see if error code persists. If the error code reappears, lightly tap the CCU at the point where the door latch connection is. In some cases, the relay that controls the latch can stick. Tapping the CCU can sometimes free up a stuck relay.

If the error code continues at this point, refer to the troubleshooting steps and recommended test points in the tech sheet to isolate whether the problem is the CCU or door latch.


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