How to remove the rear seat from the 2001 Cadillac Seville ?

Under the right rear seat cushion, lift up on both sides of the seat to remove. remove the vent tube, disconnect the cables(8mm or 5/16), and remove the holdown and bolt(13mm). Shimmy the battery up, and out. Watch that it hasn't leaked. Some have been bad enough to corrode through the floor pan.

To access the car's battery, pull the straps on either side of the rear-seat cushion. This releases the cushion; you'll see the battery beneath.
Seat Cushion Replacement - Rear
Removal Procedure

Push in and up on the front of the rear seat cushion.
Lift up and out on the seat cushion.
Disconnect heated seat electrical connectors (if equipped).
Remove the rear seat cushion from the vehicle.

NO NEED to remove the SEAT BACK at all.
  • Lift up on the bottom of the center rear seat cushion to detach the hooks, then pull up and toward the front of the vehicle to remove the cushion. The battery is located below.

  • Pull the two vent hoses out of the vent sockets on the left and right sides of the battery, and lift the battery cover.

  • Remove the negative battery cable by loosening the bolt on the cable clamp with a wrency and lifting it off the terminal. The negative cable is often black; the negative battery post has a minus (-) symbol next to it.

  • Loosen the positive battery cable clamp bolt with a wrench and lift the cable off the positive battery terminal. Positive battery cables are often red. The positive battery terminal has a plus (+) symbol next to it.

  • Remove the battery holder bracket with the wrench. Then lift the battery out of the battery holder. Take care when lifting the battery, as car batteries are heavy.

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