how to open kitchen aid microwave oven door that is broken

When I push the button to open door it does not release and open the door. Appears the spring behind the button is worn out. Need to replace the release lever (part # AP3133222), but want to know if you can provide me with the repair instructions if I buy the part from you. Let me know. Thx

You will need to uninstall the microwave and remove the outer cover off the microwave. Next remove the screws holding the control panel in place. Once removed, you can access and replace the release leverAP3133222. Reinstall in reverse order. Hope this helps.
KitchenAid Microwave Door Open Lever AP3133222 - Click Image to Close

You have a broken "release lever", part number AP3033332.

It's reference number 7 on the exploded view diagram found here:

You can order it by part number from Appliance Parts Pros here: http://tinyurl.com/gv383

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