Fuel pump troubleshooting for 1995 Lincoln Town Car

Open your Town Car's trunk. Look on the driver-side trunk hinge. Mounted on this hinge, you'll find your fuel-pump reset switch. The button is labeled "Reset."

Maybe you need to reset inertia switch, or that switch is faulty? At the inertia switch, Dark green wire with yellow tracer goes hot/voltage when fuel pump relay is energized. The pink wire with blue tracer should be hot, also. That is voltage from inertia switch to pump. note diagram.

Check for voltage with engine cranking, both side of inertia switch. Should be hot all the time, engine cranking. Also, engine cranking, do you have spark at the plugs?

If you have voltage on one side of inertia switch but not the other, engine cranking, you need to reset or replace the inertia switch.

But if inertia switch shows proper voltage, then Bad oil Pressure switch. Or low oil pressure.

a loss of oil pressure or a defective oil pressure witch will cause the pump to be inoperative.

  • Raise the front of the Town Car with a floor jack and set jack stands under the frame rails. Lower the Town Car onto the jack stands.

  • Crawl beneath the Lincoln and locate the oil pressure switch, directly below the oil filter on the driver's side of the engine. Set a drain pan under the oil pressure sender.

  • Loosen the nut retaining the wire to the oil pressure switch and pull the wire from the switch. Remove the oil pressure switch with a ratchet and socket. A small amount of oil will drain from the hole the pressure sender screws into.

  • Apply a thin coat of thread sealer to the threads of the new pressure switch. Thread the oil pressure switch into the engine by hand, then tighten it to 9 to 11 foot-pounds with a torque wrench and socket.

  • Reinstall the wire on the pressure switch and tighten the nut with a ratchet and socket.

  • Raise the Town Car from the jack stands, using a floor jack, and remove the jack stands. Lower the car to the ground.

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