cooling fan not working on 2005 trx450r ATV

Here is how the oil cooling system/fan/temp sensor/control unit works on the trx450r atv.

If your fan isnt kicking on all the time than your not running hot. Like the last guy stated if you really are running hot the fan would kick on more. You dont want the fan running all the time. Just make sure your radiator cap is good and the temp switch is good. They will control the cooling system for you.

You need 2 meters ..1 with a temperature probe & 1 just as an ohm meter ... The temp sensor must be removed from the bike and boiled in oil to check the resistances ..

The correct numbers are:

Temperature...........80*C (176*F).......120*C (248*F)
Resistance...............47 - 57 ohms.......14 - 18 ohms

The first test (80*C) is when the fan turns on.. The seconds test (120*C) is when the temperature (over heat) light comes on ..

All that shop did was grounded the sensor wire which just tests the fan motor ..

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