Blower motor not working on high speed on 2003 GMC Yukon

Blower motor not working on high but working on low and medium.-------
So this problem is either weak blower motor or faulty blower motor relay.------
To confirm the problem between blower motor and blower motor relay, try this.------
You can check this by turning the fan speed to "high", unplug the blower motor, and check to see that you have roughly at least 12v at the plug. If you have 12v, that means the relay is working and blower motor is faulty, if there is no 12 volt then relay is faulty and has to be replaced.The relay is integrated in blower motor resistor pack.-------

This is the wiring diagram for 2003 gmc Yukon model, in this you can clearly see the blower motor high getting direct power from relay and other speed getting controlled by resistor.-----------

See the wiring below:----



The relay is part of the resistor which is pictured in my first response. It is next to the blower motor on the bottom, it is screwed in with two 5.5mm or 7/32 screws. Again make sure that connector is not burnt at all, it is very Common for the resistors to go bad and born or melt the connector.
So in case of faulty relay, complete resistor pack needs to be replaced.You can get it from your local dealer.--------

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