VW Jetta :Yellow Power Steering Light?

The yellow power steering led light comes up on dash and steering gets stiff.

Basically this problem is related to power steering fluid low.
But on this latest Volkswagen models.
Unfortunenately the problem with your steering in not a fluid or pump issue. On the 2006 and above year model  jetta there is no fluid or pump on the vehicle. The power steering on this latest model vehicle is electro-mechanical...meaning it is powered by an eletric motor and computer module. If the light goes on that means there is a problem with the motor,control unit or wiring. If the vehicle is scanned with a computer from the dealer or outside shop it will have a fault code that will help indicate what is going on and will help narrow dowm the problem.
 I would reccomend bringing it to the dealer , have them erase the code and adapt/reset the system. this should remedy it unless there is a component failure.

This details should help.

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