1997 Chrysler Sebring: OBD Error Code P0401?

The Chrysler Sebring Shows Error Code P0401 in OBD scan test.

There is no one single possible fault,that can cause P0401 error code.
There are a few different things that can set a P0401.
In this case ........

  • First, carefully inspect the vacuum lines going to the EGR and EGR Solenoid. 
Make sure there are no cracks, holes or loose/missing connections.

  • If the visual inspection checks ok, this can be a faulty EGR or EGR Solenoid. 
Both will need to be inspected for proper operation. More commonly, will be the solenoid.

See the help diagram shown below for part location :-----

Chrysler EGR parts

Instead of taking it to the garage to get it repaired by professional mechanic.I recommend you to first try to solve the problem yourself.

Like I say, First do the visual inspection.
It can be very simple and easy fault or problem like  a ripped vacuum line. But if that's not the case and  the solenoid needs to be replaced.
Then also  its not that difficult of a job at all. (See image above for parts location). Just a matter of removing a couple of bolts, and electrical connector, and keeping the vacuum lines straight (marking them with tape helps). The parts are not very costly too. The EGR sells for around $69 and the labor time guide calls for just under an hour to complete the job. The EGR passages should also be cleaned at the time of replacement, which is usually another half-hour or so of labor.
So you can try doing it yourself.But if you area newbie and don't do this type of job.Then getting it done at garage by mechanic is advisable.

This details will help.

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