1997 Cadillac Catera: How to replace Brake Light Switch?

Its very easy,but accessing the switch gets difficult.

I will guide you step by step.

You can easily access the brake light switch from fuse panel opening.
For this follow the details below:----

  1. Remove lower dash panel and under panel. 
  2. Loosen ventilation tubing under driver side dash. 
  3. Remove the screws and pulled fuse panel out of the way as much as possible. 
  4. This opening provided the best access the switch.
The switch is held by 2 tabs,that will not let it to come out easily.Here dont pull the switch,the tabs are of plastic and delicate,will break easily.

In this case use angled pointed pliers in order to compress 2 locking tabs on the switch. Once you compress them, just pull it out of the bracket.

NOTE :--- The cruise control switch is right under the stop light switch ,that is close to get the pliers on the bottom tab.

Sometimes a small flat screwdriver could be handy to compress a tab so you just compress one and pull the switch a little bit and then compress other side.
But do it gently.
Follow the procedure in reverse to install new switch.If any wires get disconnected,dont forget to reconnect,.

This will help.

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