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2005 Chrysler Sebring GTC

Car shakes and starts losing power


2005 Sebring GTC No warning lights came on.I was driving and started to lose power.
Already changed all spark plugs, changed all sensors and had the fuel pump replaced. Even after that the car shakes and starts losing power. It has tried to stall especially sitting in traffic.


As per the problem described its indicating towards plugged catalytic converter. It's not uncommon for the material inside the converter to break up when gets old. When it breaks up then the pieces can migrate to the exhaust outlet and restrict exhaust flow out of the engine. Whatever the cause, a restricted catalytic converter will cause the engine to lose power and then die but it will often start and run again when it cools off.

To Confirm Catalytic Converter Problem:

To confirm the problem it's really going to take some testing at the time it is acting up to know what is going on, unless you can hit the catalytic converter and hear a rattle inside. An exhaust back pressure test can be done and may even show a restriction when the engine is still running ok. If it appears fine then it's going to have to be acting up to diagnose it if no codes are setting.

Plugged Catalytic Converter Test
A simple test for this is to simply drive the vehicle until it is at normal operating temperature and inspect the converter. Often times they become so hot, they glow red. Also, the insides can become loose, identified by a rattle, and can cause a partial blockage.

After driving the car for at least 15 minuets park the vehicle on a level surface, apply the parking brake, start the engine, and allow it idle.
With  temperature probe / meter, check the difference in exhaust temperature at both the inlet and outlet of the converter. The temperature exiting the converter should be around 30 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit hotter.

If the temperature doesn’t change, the converter could be bad inside. To confirm converter issue , shut off the engine and allow the exhaust to cool. Once cooled remove the catalytic convert and inspect. If the honey comb is broken out the converter has failed and needs replacing.

Other Possibility Can Be Loss Of Spark:
Also It Can Be PCM Issue:
Fuel pressure and spark will need to be checked and the each system investigated depending on whether it's losing spark, fuel or both. If it's losing spark and fuel both at the same time it could be a powertrain control module issue.

Chrysler Grand Voyager SE

Sucks air into the manifold

Vacuum Line Loose Or Not Connected


2004 grand voyager 2.4L. 
Recently replaced the exhaust manifold at a shop.Later I noticed that a line connector on the intake manifold - on the other side of where the line from the brake booster goes into the tree - was not connected to a line. It now just sucks air into the manifold. 
Where it should go. It looks like here maybe is a hose going out of the firewall above the exhaust manifold? 


There may be a rubber cap that fell off of that vacuum tree. As per my experience there is one nipple on that tree that is not used and should be capped off. The lines that connect would be the brake booster, and evaporative emission hose, and the vacuum line to the cruise control. So look for any loose hanging vacuum hoses. If there are none, then go to the auto parts store and get a rubber vacuum cap and put it on that open vacuum nipple.

The tree has four inlets. Brake booster, and cruise control is connected and one inlet is blocked with a rubber cap.

The evap line will be coming from the purge solenoid which is mounted near the air cleaner near the right shock tower. 

Please note evap canister purge solenoid? This is located at the front right top of the radiator on this vehicle. It has one hose going into it from the evap canister and one going out to the intake manifold. However the intake hose is connected to a separate intake and not the tree we are talking about. 

But If all looks ok and there is no loose hose seen.But still air is getting in to manifold then,cap off that open nipple.After that test  Drive the van. If the cruise works, and there is no check engine light, then you should be ok. To prevent stalling, clean out the inside of the throttle body with a can of spray throttle body cleaner. 

Chrysler Pacifica Touring

Stalling & Dying While Driving


Pacifica '04 is stalls and dies when driving.
Check engine Light Is ON.
OBD ii error code P0032 retrieved.

Vehicle Scan Error code P0032 is for HO2S heater control circuit high.

This is indication to replace Oxygen Sensor .
There are two Oxygen Sensors On this vehicle.

The code you have is for the one closest to the engine in the exhaust pipe. Check the connector and wiring to ensure all looks good. If so replacing that sensor should solve your problem.

See the location of O2 Sensor For 2004 Chrysler Pacifica
This image would be looking from underneath the vehicle towards the back of engine
O2 Sensor Chrysler Pacificia


Water in radiator is boiling



Sebring 2.7 Engine, water is boiling in radiator.


First Of All Check The Condition Of Fan.There are two cooling fans.are the fans Running.

When engine get hot the fan comes ON to cool the engine.

If the fan is not coming ON,then turn ON the A?C and see if fan comes ON.
Not even if you turn the ac on? If one comes on with ac, the other should come on when the engine gets hot. If not check the fuse and swap the relay with either the other fan for now.

Location Of  Fan Relay And Fuse Box Diagram Is Shown Below:

Fuse And Relays Both Located  in the power distribution center.
Cooling Fan Fuse And Relay

Fuse 23 powers those 2 relays.

Also see Below The Wiring Diagram For Cooling Fans And Relays:

Chrysler Sebring Convertible Engine Wiring Diagram

This Will Help.

More Problems And Solutions Will Be UpDated Soon.

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