1995 Dodge Caravan engine Rattle Noise

Timing Chain Rattle Noise 

United states dodge caravan vehicle 

Q: 1995 Dodge engine 3.3L which sounds and runs good until the engine warms up.Then the rattle develops as if one of the lifters has bled down.I have checked rods and mains from bottom end -all okay .Oil pressure good.
Rattle noise is bad when engine idling but clears up when engine runs faster .

Timing Chain Noise 
As per description of the noise being a rattle indicates towards timing chain noise. The timing chain doesn't have a tensioner and when it stretches it will make a sort of random rattling noise at the front of the engine and it is usually worse at idle when hot. If the noise seems to be coming from the front of the engine and is a random rattle type noise then there is a good chance it is the timing chain.

Lifter Noise 
If you had a single lifter making noise it would be a tick. If you're hearing a singular tick from the top of the engine then it's very likely that you have one bad lifter. Since the noise happens when the engine is hot you won't likely be able to tell anything when the engine is disassembled and cooled off. If you have what sounds like a single lifter ticking and you don't see any damage to pushrods, rocker arms or valvesprings thenits suggested replacing the lifters.

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