How to replace heater matrix on a vauxhall combo 1.7 diesel van?

Vauxhall  van heater matrix replacing

First locate the matrix area.The general rule is if you can see the matrix from the side it will usually come out from the side.
But if its not seen then dash has to be off to remove the matrix.

For Vauxhall Combo the procedure starts here:-----

1) First of all unclip gear stick gator.Its very simple just  will unclip around bottom.
2) Now leave this on the gear stick loose.
3)You will need to use a Pozidriv screwdriver to unscrew the screw under a small flip off cover in front tray of consul.
4)Once these is done then  push it forward until it comes loose them carefully maneuver it with pushing the gator through the hole so it will remove. 
5) Next comes screws removal.There are 5 screws .A 5.5mm socket to undo five small screw bolts on the bottom of the heater matrix surround,(three on right, two on left.).
6) Once the screws are out, it will allow the two covers to be slide out into the passenger footwell(left).
7) except these 5 screws there are  two other screws holding a side cover,take this off too(drivers side).

HALF THE JOB IS DONE ..................

8) Next comes hoses.There are two rubber hoses from heater in bulkhead under the bonnet.
Remove those hoses.
9) Hoses are clipped by  a pair of clips.Use a pair of pipe grips that will remove the clips, make sure you to slide clips well back, even around corners of hose, this will make pulling hoses off easier.

NOTE:---- Battery and radiator reservoir removal is not necessary but for more room easy removal of battery and radiator reservoir makes it easier if you have time.

10) Once the hoses are out the heater should flip down and out .
Remove it carefully,sometimes its bit hard,in that case jiggle it around until both copper pipes are free of holes,this should be done from left hand side,(passenger Side).

Re-installation procedure in reverse.

A genuine vauxhall heater would cost approx $200 .

Its suggested to buy original product instead of aftermarket part.These is said because aftermarket heater is not of exact size ,so the performance will differ then original.

These details will help.

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