How to replace Alternator on Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Alternator removal procedure

Mitsubishi Lancer 2006 Alternator removal on 2.0L engine model.

To replace the  alternator you basic hand tools in a driveway with jacks or ramps.

While replacing alternator or any other internal cars components always start with the engine cooled off.
Once the engine is cool,start your task of replacing alternator.To access the alternator look down the back side of the engine on the belt end. You will see a threaded bolt horizontally mounted just forward of the alternator. In the middle of this threaded bolt will be a square block with another bolt going into it perpendicular.

Out of these two bolts first loosen the shorter bolt going into the block about three or four turns. Please take a note that this bolt has a  12mm bolt head. Once these bolt is loosen it will  loosen the clamping on the adjuster.
Now loose the longer threaded bolt which is also a 12mm.
First the shorter bolt and then the longer bolt.Both have 12mm bolt head.
Once both bolts are out  the tension on the alternator belt relieves. You can usually loosen it a half dozen turns and then be able to pop the head clear from the bracket.

Now once the adjuster bolt is loose.Carefully  grab the alternator and pull toward you/forward and see if it collapses. If it does not, you will need to go below the vehicle and loosen the 14mm pivot bolt/nut as it will prevent the alternator from moving if it is very tight.Many a times the self-doers forgot about this 14mm bolt and just pull the alternator out and it will not come out.

Please first the alternator belt has to be out then the alternator comes out.Once the bolts are out the belts tension is loose.The alternator has to be pushed in and belt gets easy access to come slide out.Once the belt is out the alternator can be easily removed.Once you are able to pull the alternator all the way in, you can slide the belt off the pulley. Note that the AC belt is the outer belt, so you can not remove the alternator belt entirely at this point unless you remove the AC belt first... you can just leave it hanging while you work, that is fine.

Now the safety measures:---
While removing alternator ,you dont have to crack/break any other connectors and components.
The battery cable is connected to alternator.So ...........
Disconnect the negative (black) battery cable.
Unplug the electrical connector from the back of the alternator.
Unbolt the battery cable from the back of the alternator.

Now its time to remove the bolts out,which you have previously loosened
Remove the smaller 12mm bolt in the adjuster block entirely so that the top of the alternator is free.
Remove the 14mm nut and pivot bolt from the bottom of the alternator.

Grab the alternator and work it back and forth to free the pinch on the bottom from the engine.Be careful its a heavy piece unit.So just hold it tight and place it in safe ground place.

There are many service manuals and repair manuals available to remove replace parts.That books are also very helpful.If you have them,with you keep them handy.

As per the service repair manual  book we would remove the engine mount by the belts (support the oil pan then remove the three bolts holding the mount to the frame and the three nuts holding the mount to the engine) to allow more room. Actually its not necessary to remove these much components.But if you do so,you get more easy room to access the alternator and to remove it.

Many newbies gets stuck after all major dis-assembly procedure is done.That is alternator will not slide out,even through all screws and connections are removed.On that purpose its a simple process.
To remove the alternator out of its housing,you have to firmly push the alternator down and out of the way and remove the adjuster bracket from the engine. With lots of turning and rotating you can slide the alternator out the top. It  will not be very easy,but with in few minutes you will make it out. If you have difficulty, remove the engine mount per the factory directions and this will allow you to move the engine about considerably and you will be able to bring it out the top or bottom with enough movement.

See the help diagram shown below.
This diagram will guide you thoroughly for  each of the bolts we discussed on the adjuster (#4) and the mount (#7), as well as their torque specs.

Mitsubishi alternator replacing

While replacing alternator,its always suggested to buy branded parts,instead of low quality third grade aftermarket cheaper parts.
Aftermarket parts are not at all bad parts.But there performance is very low considered to branded and original parts.

These details will help.

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