How to Remove Steering Wheel on Volkswagen Touran?

2006 VW Touran Steering wheel removal

The Procedure Starts here.

Look on the rear centre part of steering wheel ,there are two small holes.
  1. One either side of steering wheel at the back, one at a time with the hole at the top of steering cowling area.
  2. You need to slide a flat bladed screw driver from behind up into hole and then lever screw driver out to outer rim of steering wheel so you move the spring loaded clip to one side which will release one side of drivers air bag.
  3.  Then rotate steering wheel 180 degrees and carry out same process again, then unplug airbag and then remove center bolt to remove the steering wheel.
  4.  Its good if you disconnect car battery while carrying out this process due to dealing with the airbag area.
These details will help.

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