How to replace Headlight Bulb on 2001 mitsubishi magna

Head Light Bulb replacing.

Its not necessary to replace complete head light assembly,when only head light bulb is faulty.

In headlight assembly there are low beam and high beam bulbs.First confirm which bulb is faulty and as per that you can replace the correct required bulb.

If it is just the headlight and just on one side, with no other (turn signal, marker) light failures, then just replace that particular bulb.

The bulb is accessed from behind the housing.So no need to remove the complete head light assembly out.

You  will be two large connectors on the back of the headlight, one for low beam and one for high beam. First confirm the exact bulb which needs to be replace and then remove that bulb and reinsert new one in that same slot,from where you removed the old faulty bulb.
Twist the bulb connector anti-clockwise about 45 degrees and it will release and you can pull it out for replacement.

The common rear of the lamp should look like this:
The diagram/image will help you to understand the look of the bulb assembly:----
Mitsubishi headlight

Please Note:--- To access the back of the headlight assembly housing, if you have the battery and storage cover behind the lamp,then that has  to be removed.There is a plastic cover to gain more access.... otherwise no other removal is necessary.
But on some car model its direct access without removing any battery plastic cover etc.

On  earlier style car models the connectors plug straight in, instead of at a 90 degree angle like pictured, that is for newer car models.On that car models the bulb is removed slightly in a different way.
On some car models there are delicate plastic lock clips that hold the bulb assembly in the head light housing.There you have to disengage the plastic clips/locks to get access the bulb out.Sometimes these clips gets cracked or breaks while dis-assembly. But that is no worry issue.The bulb will fit with that clips cracked too.But still be slow and careful,if you can remove the assembly without damaging the clips.That might help.

These details will help.

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