Replacing Dodge Steering wheel

Steering Wheel Removal for dodge 

From the underside of the steering wheel, remove the two screws that secure the driver airbag to the steering wheel armature.

See the Airbag removal screw diagram shown below:

    Dodge Airbag removal from steering wheel

    Once you remove those, CAREFULLY pull the air bag out of the steering wheel.

    Pull the driver airbag away from the steering wheel far enough to access the three electrical connections on the back of the airbag housing.

    Disconnect the steering wheel wire harness connector for the horn switch from the horn switch feed pigtail wire connector, which is located on the back of the driver airbag housing


    Do not pull on the clockspring pigtail wires or pry on the connector insulator to disengage the connector from the driver airbag inflator connector receptacle. Improper removal of these pigtail wires and their connector insulators can result in damage to the airbag circuits or connector insulators.

    The clockspring driver airbag pigtail wire connectors are secured by integral latches to the airbag inflator connector receptacles, which are located on the back of the driver airbag housing. Depress the latches on each side of the connector insulator and pull the insulators straight out from the airbag inflator to disconnect them from the connector receptacles.

    Remove the driver airbag from the steering wheel.

    If the driver airbag has been deployed, the clockspring must be replaced.

    Partially remove the steering wheel bolt and leave the bolt in the column.

    Install puller CJ98-1 or equivalent using the top of the bolt to push on.

    Remove and discard the steering wheel bolt.

    Remove the steering wheel.

    See below Image Showing Steering Wheel Removed:

Dodge Durango Steering Wheel Disassembled

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