How To Remove Dodge Liftgate

Dodge liftgate Assembly Removal

  1. Remove the outside liftgate handle and links from the vehicle.
  2. Remove the lock cylinder retaining clipfrom the door handle.
  3. Remove the door lock cylinder and arm from the handle. Do not remove the E-clip.
dodge caravan liftgate lock cylinder and clip removal

Fig. Fig. 2: Liftgate lock cylinder and retaining clip removal
To install:
  1. Engage the retaining clip into the liftgate handle.
  2. Push the lock cylinder into the handle until the clip engages the lock cylinder groove with an audible click.
  3. Position the outside liftgate handle and links onto the liftgate.
  4. Engage the retaining groove to hold handle to the liftgate by pushing the handle to the right for centering.
  5. Install nut to mount the outside liftgate handle to the liftgate.
  6. Connect the VTSS switch to the back of the lock cylinder and plug in wiring harness, if equipped.
  7. Engage the outside handle link to the clip on the liftgate latch.
  8. If equipped, install the lock link.
  9. Install the power lock motor.
  10. Verify lock cylinder and liftgate operation.
  11. Install the liftgate trim panel.
  12. Connect the negative battery cable.
Dodge Caravan Lift Gate
Door locks removal and installation:----


See Figures 1 and 2
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Remove the interior door panel and peel away the plastic sound shield to gain access to the door handle.
  3. Roll up the door glass.
  4. Through the access hole at the rear of the inner door panel, disengage the Vehicle Theft Security System (VTSS) switch connector from the door harness, if equipped.
  5. Remove the push pin fasteners securing the VTSS switch harness to the inner door reinforcement bar, if equipped.
  6. Disconnect the clip that retains the door latch linkage to the door latch.
  7. Separate the latch linkage from the latch.
  8. Disengage the clip retaining the door lock linkage to the door latch.
  9. Remove the lock linkage from the latch.
  10. Remove the nuts attaching the outside door handle to the door outer panel.
  11. Remove the outside door handle from the vehicle.
Dodge caravan door assembly

Fig. Fig. 1: Front door outside handle assembly removal
Dodge Caravan Door Lock Cylinder

Fig. Fig. 2: After removing the retaining clip, pull the lock cylinder straight out from behind the handle assembly
  1. Disengage the clip holding the lock cylinder into the outside handle.
  2. Remove the door lock from the door handle.

To inside:
  1. Engage the clip into the outside handle to hold the door lock cylinder.
  2. With the link arm positioned toward the rear of the vehicle, push the lock cylinder into the door handle until the clip snaps into place.
  3. Insert the lock linkage into the door latch.
  4. Engage the clip to hold door lock linkage to latch.
  5. Insert the latch linkage into door latch.
  6. Engage clip to hold door latch linkage to latch.
  7. Insert push pin fasteners attaching the VTSS switch harness to the inner door reinforcement bar, if equipped.
  8. Plug the VTSS switch connector into the door harness, if equipped.
  9. Verify door latch operation.
  10. Install the plastic sound shield and interior door panel.
  11. Connect the negative battery cable.

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