Chrysler Seat Heater Stopped Working

Seat Heater Troubleshooting

Chrysler 300 seat heater has stopped working. The dealer said they charge me $450 to repair it. Both front seat heaters stopped working.

Vehicle Details:
Make: Chrysler
Model: 300
Year: 2006
Engine: V6

There are a handful of things that will cause the heaters to not work.

The possibilities are mentioned below:-----
  • A faulty heating elements in each seat. There is a heating element in the base and seatback and if one of them has an open circuit it will prevent the heater from working on that particular seat. If both of yours stopped working at separate times then a failed element would be the most likely cause.

  • Another possibility is faulty  heated seat module, which is the module that controls all heating functions. If both seats stopped working at exactly the same time then it's likely you have a module problem of some sort. The reason for this is  lack of power or ground to the module or the module itself.

  • Last but not the least it can be switch issue or wiring problem somewhere in the system.That has to be checked by test light.

On most of such cases the problem is with heat seat module.

The heated seat module runs $45 and the labor to replace it will be about one hour at the shop's labor rate. Just for the module and labor should be $200 or less.

This details Will Help.

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