Hummer H2: How to remove Front Door panel?

How to remove front door interior panel on 2003 Hummer H2.

Its very simple.
The tool is required to remove door panel.So don't forget to get that tool,before you start this task.
Its a easy to do job.You can do it yourself.

The tool used to remove the clips from the trim panel

Hummer door panel tool

There is only one retaining screw and everything else is basically clips,the tool helps to dis-engage the clips without breaking them.

The one screw under the handle bezel, and the rest are clips.
After the clips are removed from door the top of the panel is pushed toward the outside and upwards to release it from the window channel.

View the procedure shown below:---

Front Side Door Trim Panel Replacement:

Tools Required

J 38778 Door Trim Pad Clip Remover (this tool is a flat blade with a "u' shape cut into it to pry the door clips from the door, the clips just snap in to the door and come out with the panel.)

Removal Procedure
    hummer door panel  Remove the door handle bezel. Remove the door panel retaining screw located in the handle bezel opening. Remove the door window switch. Use special tool J 38778 to release the door trim panel retaining clips. Disconnect the electrical wiring harness connectors. Remove the door trim panel from the vehicle.
Front Side Door Inside Handle Bezel Replacement
Removal Procedure
    door bezel removal  Remove the screw that retains the front inside handle bezel to the door panel.
    Remove the bezel from around the door handle, Remove the bezel from the vehicle.

This details will help.

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