How to replace sun visor on 2001 buick regal

Sun visor removed and replaced without damage

Buick Regal sunvisor replacing procedure is as follows:---

Rotate the sunshade so that the bottom edge is pointing straight down.
Remove the sunshade from the anchor.
How To Replace buick regal sun visor

Move the sunshade rearward, about 50 mm (2 inches) until the ridge on the sunshade stem (2) is flush to the slot in the flange (1).
Pull down on the free end of the sunshade until a rectangular slot (3) appears between the flange and the retainer bezel. Maintain this pressure for the next two steps.

The Visor is connected to plastic collar. Pull down the visor to separate the plastic collar on the end of the visor shaft from the plastic retaining clip in your headliner. Next thing is to bring the shaft to its exact angle.For that  insert a straight bit screw driver into the notch in the plastic collar and turn the visor till the stopper on the shaft rests against your screwdriver. This will lock the plastic collar to the shaft coming from the sun visor. Then turn the entire thing a little more (about 1/4 of a turn). this will allow the visor and collar to come out of the retaining clip. then with screwdriver pry the legs on the retaining clip so that it comes out of your headliner. And it will come out.

Important: The flat-bladed tool used to remove the sunshade must completely fill the slot on the sunshade flange. If there is any free play, the plastic flange will be distorted and the sunshade will not be released.

Once the above procedure is done Next .......
Insert a flat-bladed tool in the flange slot. Hold this tool in a vertical position and maintain an upward pressure on the tool equal to the downward pressure on the sunshade.
Quickly rotate the sunshade rearward approximately 100 mm (4 in). At this position you will feel a first disengagement.
Maintain the upward pressure on the flat-bladed tool and now press upward on the free end of the sunshade. Then continue to rotate the sunshade towards the side door glass.
Remove the flat-bladed tool and pull down on the front of the sunshade arm to separate it from the bezel.
How To Remove Buick Sun visor

Disconnect electrical connector (3).

This will help.

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