Blower motor power module 

Italy 2004 Jeep Cherokee

A/C very weak
Temperature very warm inside car
Blower motor resistor issue
Blower motor module not working
Jeep Cherokee A/c Problem

Q: Grand Cherokee Overland HO with problem of A/C blower resistor. Changed the resistor with a new kit of resistor and cables. BUT THE A/C NOW VERY WEAK AND THE TEMP INSIDE THE CAR IS ALWAYS WARM. Car repair tech cut the cables and used a new cables kit. They are unable to restore the original cables. Where to buy the original cable set, it is not available from Mopar.

A: First Try The basics To Confirm the Issue:

  • The blower motor resistor controls the speed that the fan blows at..... ie low speed, medium speed or high speed. The resistor does not, however, control the actual temperature of the air that it blows.
  • If the fan speeds are normal, and  temperature inside the vehicle is warm, then you will need to look at the air conditioning system as a likely cause. 
Possibilities are low Freon level will result in higher than expected temperatures when the a/c is turned on.

First make sure you confirm  Freon level checked, and adding more if needed. A small leak in the system can allow the Freon to gradually leak out so it is not unusual to have the system topped up now and again until the source of the leak can be determined.

But if all basics checked OK,then 

It's actually a blower motor power module issue rather than a blower motor resistor. A resistor is used on a manual control system, a power module is used on an automatic system. The power module was introduced between the minivan and older Grand Cherokees, and I'm sure this is the package you had installed.
The reason the blower motor is running slowly can be due to different design power module used or it can be wiring issue. Due to the wiring issue air volume gets low and this is because the blower motor is spinning backward.So first inspect wiring.

Blower Motor Power Module Wiring:

Take a look at the two wire jumper that goes between the power module and the blower motor. Unplug it from one end or the other and then remove the lock wedge from the center of the connector. 

Note the position of each wire and then use a small pick to release the lock tab on each of the terminals and slide the terminals out of the connector. Swap the terminal position, ending up with each wire in the opposite location as it was originally.
Install the lock wedge and plug the connector back in, your blower motor will be back to normal.

This will help.

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