Dodge Ram 3500 4wd Brake Pressure Bleeding Problem

Brake Line Pressure Not Getting Bleed

Reverse bleed the system

Dodge Brake Line Pressure

Brake line bleeding

Brake fluid will not go in thru bleeder

Air in brake line

Q: Brake Bleeding Problem on 2001 Dodge Ram 3500.
United States 2001 Dodge Ram vehicle.
New bleeders and new wheel cylinders have been installed,but still same problem.
Brake line will not get bleed.

A:  There are few possibilities to be checked.

Blocked Bleeders:

If the fluid won't go in through the bleeders then most likely they are simply plugged. It's very much possible for the bleeders to be plugged on older vehicles such as this. There are small orifices in the bleeder screws that the fluid has to pass through and they could be plugged with debris or rust. Try breaking the lines loose right at the wheel cylinders or calipers, whichever you are trying to bleed, and see if fluid will come out when trying to bleed. If not then it's a pretty sure thing that the bleeder screws are plugged and will need to be replaced.

Other Things To Try:

Open the line where it goes into the rear brake hose at the frame and see if fluid will flow out of it there. You may have an internally collapsed hose that is preventing flow.

If no pedal pressure
Caliper Issue:

Did this start after the calipers were replaced?

  • If the pedal was fine before the calipers were replaced and is now soft then most likely you have the left and right calipers on the wrong sides of the truck. 

  • If the calipers were installed on the wrong sides then the bleeder screws will be below where the lines attach and it will prevent you from bleeding the air from the calipers. 

  • Inspect both calipers and see if the bleeders are above or below the banjo bolts that attach the lines. The bleeders need to be above the lines, if one is below then you have a wrong caliper, if both of them are below then you just got them switch around when installing them.
This details will help.

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