how to set TIMING ON 2008 DODGE AVENGER 4cyl?

The book says to set the cam chain colored links to the round dots on each intake and exhaust cam, spacing them correctly and set both 90 deg from the top edge of the head surface. This isn't a problem if you don't have them loaded up from the pressure of the lifters. I set the cam in place, but didn't tighten the caps and bolts down to allow me to turn the cams a little when adding the main chain sprockets. I then followed the manual lining up the timing chain marks and chain colored links with very little problem. The one question I have though is to keep the main timing chain in it's correct timing position I had to turn the cam shafts slightly to mate up the mounting holes of the cam spockets which then causes the position of the cam timing dots and chain marks to be off the 90 deg angle. There are only two ways the cam sprockets can be bolted on and the other way would be 180 deg off. I'm guessing the cams timing positions would need to be rotated slightly because of the valve positioning and to keep the main timing chain in it's original position. I'm also replacing the main primary chain tensinor with a new one that I don't have to reset. It is already depressed to it's lowest position. Ive read that people push on the plunger to release it once it's in place to push against the chain guide, but it has no oil in it now and not sure if that's the correct proceedure or should I leave it in the reset position and allow the engine oil presure to push it out on it's own. Any help would be great.

Ok try this :----

Correct timing is critical for the NON free-wheeling designed. Engine timing can be verified by using the following procedures:
  1. Remove cylinder head covers.
  2. Rotate engine until number one cylinder is at TDC on the EXHAUST stroke.
  3. View the intake camshaft sprocket timing mark. The mark should be 90° from the cylinder head cover sealing surface on both right and left cylinder banks.
  4. Count chain pins from the mark on the intake camshaft towards the exhaust camshaft. Engine is timed correctly when there are 12 chain pins between the timing marks on the intake camshaft and exhaust camshaft.
  5. If marks are not correctly aligned, proceed to Timing Chain and Sprockets for service procedures.

both cams chains need to remain at their 90 deg position with the main timing chain on it's three point timing position.

Also pull the valve covers and check the cam sprockets. Make Sure that the driver sprocket with the cam sensor is not off by two teeth.

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