How to remove the electric sliding door lock on ford Windstar

The Ford Windstar sliding door panel is much easier to remove than the front door panels. While the front door panels have electronic components, multiple screws and panels to remove, the sliding door panel is held on only by clips. You must remove the interior door handle before removing the door panel.

  • Sit down in the back seat and close the sliding door. Position a small towel between the door handle and the door panel.

  • Move the towel in a back-and-forth fashion to pop off the C-clip that holds the handle in place. Pick up the clip when it comes off; you'll need to reinstall the handle.

  • Pull the handle away from its mount. You may have to wiggle it back and forth to get it of

  • Remove the door handle surround panel. It is attached by plastic clips; pry it off with a small flat-head screwdriver.

  • Get out of the van, and open the sliding door from the outside. You must open the door so you can fully grasp the panel.

  • Grab the panel at each bottom corner; pull it away from the door to disengage the clips. Push the door panel up, then pull it away from the door.

  • When reinstalling the door panel, put the clip on the door handle mount before attaching the handle.

    NOW to remove the door lock for sliding door:---

    Begin removing the door panel to access the lock. There are two interior panels for the wind-star sliding door; one surrounding the window and one surrounding the lower part of the door. You do not need to remove the panel surrounding the window. Instead, remove the screw located inside the sliding door ashtray. Pry off the trim panel surrounding the ashtray.

  • Remove the seven screws around the perimeter of the door panel. Pop out the clips mounting the panel to the door. Peel back the protective cover.

  • Locate the door lock actuator on the side of the door closest to the front of the van. Unhook the locking rod from the door actuator. Open the door slightly to gain access to the three bolts mounting the lock on the inside door jamb. Remove the bolts and remove the door lock.

  • The shop manual says:
    "Remove door handle retaining clip by sliding a shop towel between handle and door trim. With tension on the cloth, pull one end of the cloth so it slides between the handle and the door trim. If handle does not come out, reverse direction."
    Use a door panel tool to avoid breaking the retaining clips.

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